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Revised January, 2021

Geelong Concrete Grinding will work with the builder and concreter to achieve the best chance of a great possible result, we take no responsibility for the following.

  • Exposure of aggregate achieved, for example, to remove any screed marks or footprints left from the concreter, additional grinding may be required.
  • Any imperfections or flaws that develop in the slab over time due to inconsistent concrete mix, cracking, rising damp, staining of the slab etc.
  • For new slabs use 32 mpa concrete.

*The list above is the complete responsibility of the concreter. We can offer clear guidelines to obtain optimum results.

  • If further grinding, repair or any other works are required at the request of the client, GCG will quote these works as a variation to the original quote and additional works will commence after signing the agreement. Examples are; humps or bumps and hand leveling to window edges or additional leveling.
  • GCG will remove 5mm from floor to expose aggregate in its grinding, anything over this will be charged accordingly.
  • The first grind must be started at 5-10 days after the slab being poured. This must be completed before any other construction work commences on the slab.
  • GCG is not responsible for damage by any other trades or outside influences. Repair for such will be treated and quoted as a variation to the original quote. The floor between first and second stage is susceptible to staining and care must be taken.
  • Should you decide to cover the floor it is imperative that plastic is not used at any stage as the floor can sweat and cause colour variations. Duct tape should not be used on the floor.
  • Doorway openings must be a minimum of 720mm to allow for grinder access.
  • When working in the vicinity of plaster walls, doors and joinery, window frames, cabinetry and fixed appliances, we endeavour to be as careful as possible but take no responsibility for any unforeseen damage.
  • GCG will return for the second grind after plaster and before skirting board, paint and joinery being fitted. The floor must be swept and free from scaffold and building debris.
  • GCG is to be provided with clear vehicle and generator access to the site with a stable base of crushed rock(if required) during the wetter months. Towing will be at clients expense.
  • Disposal of bagged grinding dust, unless otherwise arranged is the responsibility of the client.
  • Caution; Concrete floors may be slippery, particularly when wet. Please take care as no responsibility is accepted.


  • The quotation will be valid for a 6 month period or as agreed.


  • To secure payment of all fees due or fees which may become due, the client hereby charges all of the clients interest in real property both present and future, and the client consents to the firm lodging a caveats noting its interest here-under.
    A booking fee when requested of 10%is required upon acceptance of quotation.
    Authority to proceed, (written or verbal or any other way conveyed); automatically constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.