Half exposure polished concrete in the Surf Coast and Geelong

Similar to light exposure, half exposure polished concrete is a cross between salt and pepper and a burnished finish, but with more prominent patches. Geelong Concrete Grinding offers this beautiful floor finish to homes and commercial areas in the Surf Coast and Geelong.

Half exposure polished concrete floor in Geelong business

There are times when the features on the light exposure are hard to see. But with half-exposed flooring, you can really show off the patchy aggregate, making your floor less plain or dull.

Much like other floor finishes, in order to achieve a consistent look, it is very important for the concrete slab to be as flat as possible and the aggregate to be spread out evenly. A highly skilled concreter is vital in this job.

If you desire a more exposed aggregate, our full exposure may be more suited to your liking.

We also have an option for a plain, smooth, and consistent look with a beautiful burnished concrete finish for homes and businesses in Geelong and the Surf Coast.