Quarter exposure polished concrete floors - Surf Coast and Geelong

Light or quarter exposure polished concrete is a combination of salt and pepper and a patchy exposure of aggregate that many people in the Surf Coast and Geelong find very attractive. If you desire to achieve a light exposure floor, we cannot stress enough that it begins with THE SLAB!

Close up of quarter exposure polished concrete floor in Geelong home

The slab must be poured as evenly as possible and have a burnished finish, attained by multiple passes with the helicopter (powered trowel) by the concreter. The concreter must also take care to eliminate footprints and screed marks.

We then grind off enough floor surface to remove any humps and bumps, leaving a flat workable area ready for sealing or commencing the polishing process. The extent of the amount ground off is dependent on the quality of the slab. If the slab has not been well-poured or finished off incorrectly, we may have to grind back more leaving the floor with more aggregate exposure and additional costs, than you may have wanted. We shall confer with you or your nominated representative (e.g. builder) should this occur.

Visible screed marks contribute to the charm of light exposure where such oddities add additional character to the floor through a patchy, motley appearance. However, in some instances, remaining footprints or screed marks that do remain are pre-existing and a result of when the concrete was laid and the responsibly of the concreter. These oddities are not affiliated with Geelong Concrete Grinding’s workmanship.